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Hi There_______,Welcome to the wiki.I named this wiki after a club my friend and I started.Basically you find a photo of a leaf and make and "ID" for it.The "ID" contains that ff info.


Attachment of leaf to stem:Unknown


Venation:Unknown Reason:I can barely see the vains I think its netted though


>Name of leaf (give your leaf a name if you do not know what its actual name is)

>Attachment of leaf to stem (petiolate,sessile) (its okay if you dont know this one)

>The type of margin it has ('Undulate,Serrate,Dentate',Palmate,Entire)

>Venation (its okay if you dont know this one if you know the attachment of leaf to stem or if you have a good reason not to)

(Example above)

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I've recently submitted a promote thingy majigy.... Hope to see more users soon!