Yuki kuma



Fairy Arisa


Fairy Arisa


FOUNDER RIGHTS:The group gives Yuki kuma full access to user rights.

ADMIN RIGHTS:Administrator rights are granted by the community. The process involves considerable discussion and examination of their activities as an editor. Users who are members of the 'sysop' user group have access to a number of tools to allow them to carry out certain functions on the wiki. The tools cover processes such as page deletion, page protection, blocking and unblocking, access to modify fully protected pages and the Mediawiki interface. Administrators also have the ability to grant and remove account creator, rollback, ipblock-exempt rights, confirmed user, auto-reviewer, and edit filter manager rights to other users, and to their own alternate accounts. Administrators are otherwise no different from any other editor.

BUREACRAT RIGHTS:(I really,really trust Arisa)

Bureaucrat rights are granted by the community to exceptionally trusted users who are allowed to perform certain actions on other users' accounts.

Bureaucrats have extended access to Special:UserRights, enabling them to add users to the 'bureaucrat' group (but not remove them),[1] and both add users to and remove users from the 'sysop'[2] and 'bot' user groups. Bureaucrats can use Special:RenameUser to rename users (including themselves).


NOTES:Our founder Yuki kuma has forgotten her password and is might NOT making a new account.-Fairy Arisa,Your administrator and bureacrat